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"when those behind it take weird decisions, such as removing menu icons and mnemonics"

Ack. I concluded that the gnome 3 dev team is a closed "in a bubble world" set of millenial-minded "developers" that fall into the following traps:

a) they like the 2D FLATSO because THEY *FEEL* it is "cool" or something...

b) they "feel" they know better than YOU do how to use YOUR computer

c) they are 4-inchers - i.e. they do MOST things on a 4" screen

d) they lack the experience that resulted in the original 'WIMP' solution (like using DOS systems for years).

e) they INSIST on FORCING people to use THEIR way [i.e. they're ARROGANT ELITISTS]

only a very young person would even DARE to use 'soft color on white' for a user interface, because "pretty much" everyone over 35 needs glasses to even SEE that, let alone the low contrast color-only distinction. Keep in mind that rods are more common than cones in the retina, but rods respond to luminocity, and cones to color, so people over 35 generally need some pretty THICK glasses to read text that is light blue on white... and only a CHILDISH IDIOT would _INSIST_ on that in the FIRST place! Right 'Australis' inventors? Right, Chrome "developers"? Right, Micro-shaft?

Gnome 3's devs are WAY too much like the arrogant idiots (that horked up Win-10-nic) over at Micro-shaft, for this very reason. WAY too many similarities.

It's why Mate forked, why Devuan exists, and why there is so much OUTRAGE every time you mention gnome 3, systemd, or wayland.

Linus on gnome 3

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