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lack of good tools for GUI development

I've been working (for years) on a decent tool for GUI development with X11. If I could get paid for it I'd have it done by end of 2018...

(the intent is to have a Win32 layer so the same code builds/runs on both windows AND with native X11 libs).

My main motivation for NOT using GTK is the way it handles dialog boxes and edit windows. I don't like it. Instead I'm doing something that uses native X11 calls. The edit window is about half-working, the clipboard works properly, most of the dialog box features work, but it lacks completion of the edit window [including a working undo buffer], some dialog box features, a dialog box graphical layout editor, property sheets for configuring the application, a refactor tool, integrated gdb debugging, something to work around X11 server lockup if you break in the middle of an X11 call, and the "wizards".

yeah a lot left to do, but I could STILL do a basic dialog box application with it right now...

the intent is to make it work like devstudio, without the crappy/irritating interface - more focused on typists and power users instead of VB "programmers".

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