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"Linux works nicely as long as it works. As soon as things go wrong, a non-technical user's best bet is a clean install."

Maybe you're speaking from your own experience, as my experience shows the opposite to be true.

I use Linux and Windows for many years, and I have needed to look for solutions to problems online, just like anybody does really.

In my experience, Linux forums have a far greater number of people willing to spend their time helping out with more obscure problems. Generally I see a bunch of "Try this," "Try that" posts, followed by "Thank you, that fixed the issue!"

I don't think I have ever come across a post where a rebuild has been suggested by someone answering a question.

Conversely, I find Windows forums to have a far greater number of replies SUGGESTING that the OP rebuild their machine.

I also see a lot more obscure Windows questions being asked with zero replies because people are scared to get involved.

Overall, my experience has been:

If it's a known, documented issue that the internet knows about then you'll find the answer reposted on any number of forums. If it's a more complicated issue then with Windows, a rebuild is a better option and with Linux you'll stand more chance of getting help with it.

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