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Eclipse? Barely good for Java development - and itself a display of a ill designed, badly implemented GUI.

Lazarus? Still a copy of Delphi 7 - a tool seventeen years old.

Linux for far too long underestimated the need for good GUI development tools - which are essential if you need desktop market share, and not only servers.

In the 1990s/early 2000s, Visual Basic and Delphi - with their florid ecosystem, gave a big boost to Windows applications, because they took away a lot of the difficulties to develop them. Those applications may not have been stellar and may have had internal design and coding issues, but they worked and gave users what they needed.

Linux people looked at them with disdain because they were not "proper tools", and of course "real programmers don't use an IDE" - thereby Linux is still chasing the desktop user.... while now running copies of outdated versions of IDEs like Lazarus.

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