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Re: Picking up burning/smoldering twigs

Even a common UK rook or magpie could spread fires, except they are busy eating road kill.

Awesome seeing a magpie dive bomb an adult bluetit on the feeder and fly off with it.

Raptors have a spread finger effect on end of wings. Look at a Raven, Magpie, Rook, Hoodie/carrion crow flying. They are mini-raptors.

The small birds are more freaked out by magpies than Rooks. They all vanish from garden if a magpie alights on the shed. Mostly they ignore rooks, though ours have learned how to use the peanut feeder and then others leave. I think they only bother with grain in summer or peanuts in feeder in winter when they run out of insects and roadkill.

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