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But rooks are now using traffic & traffic lights to crack nuts and snails.

Corvids even in UK turn out to be lazy and thus only demonstrate recognising guns, people, counting, using tools etc when otherwise they'd starve or be dead. Researchers were surprised the common UK rook was able to solve same puzzles (and use tools) just as well as the famously smart Caledonian crow. UK rooks can open a lock with a key and also "fish".

Curiously Magpies or Corvids in general aren't particularly into stealing shiny things, though some juvenile rooks might (recent research). Some rooks will "befriend" a human feeding them and then bring objects, there is no explanation yet.

However guinea fowl and some other avians I've kept seem extremely stupid.

There may be a good reason why the crow family feature so much in Norse, Celtic and other myths.

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