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a throwback to the 90s

No, WIn 3.x, NT3.5x, Win9x and NT4.0 were all FAR more usable than Win 10.

Win10 is like Win1.0 except able to use more RAM and storage. Certainly I've used Windows 2.x, the Windows 286 and Windows 386 and Win10 is less private, more aggravating and less customisable GUI and TOO BLOODY FLAT. What the hell am I supposed click on to change a setting? At least a DOS 2D 256 colour click and point adventure could be fun. And Coloured! I've not used monochrome since 1980s. A simple pair of highlight lines and drop shadow lines doesn't tax any HW made in last 20 years and even fits on a 320 x 200 screen. Is anything less less than 800 x 600, and I don't think Windows 10 works on less than 800 or 1024 lines high? Needs more screen than XP anyway. So what is the point of the Win10 styling?

Maybe Linux can't "win" the OS "wars", but MS are certainly able to commit suicide.

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