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Aim higher. Not 3.5.


I assembled a machine with one for testing 5 years ago in my previous job. At the time that was the only thing which I could silence sufficiently to run under my desk while still being able to do interesting stuff at 10Gbit line rate in Linux userspace. I had to down-clock it to 3.7 because even the top end Asus motherboards at the time had issues delivering the required power. If you tried to run it at 4.7 it ran, but the board lit the red "power unstable" LED.

It doubled up as a nice heater for the office in winter too.

That, however, is not the model MSFT screwed up. They screwed up on the 2007-ish one. I find it surprising that there are beasts like that out there which run Win10 though as most of the motherboards from that time do not fully support UEFI and secure boot.

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