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Why stop there?

As a way of enforcing the fast spreading 20mph speed limit on many roads, the council could force drivers to buy a red flag carrying robot which can run no faster than 20mph in front of the car.

Sounds no less bonkers than having to hand over your credit card details to a porn site in Nigeria.

My ISP knows full well I'm over 18 and have no children, so why isn't that sufficient to stop my internet getting fitted with training wheels, a bib and a Nanny McPhee bottom wiping service?

If I was a full-blown conspiracy theorist, I'd be inclined to think the whole thing was designed to support ISP's in charging more for a more intrusive service, whilst also supporting a more effective means of charging for porn in a world that has gotten accustomed to viewing it for free.

And if my many years under the yoke of Tory governments has revealed anything, it is their finding of ways of forcing the public into paying into Tory donor/owned businesses, has been at the heart of every policy they have ever concocted.

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