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Ceiling Cat

Sigh... thanks, Reg (oh, and Intel)!

For the love of christ!

All I want to do with my PC is play games and maybe some light web browsing! Some of us AREN'T using our systems for "mission critical" work, you know.

I will NOT risk what little performance my ageing I7-2600 (not "K") offers me by applying any patch that will even potentially rob me of 20% of my system performance, whether or not an "expert" claims that I will be unaffected.

I would rather move to using my main rig for gaming, and use my Raspberry Pi 3 for web browsing.

Not happy with intel, but blowing the lid off this was a pretty dick move, El Reg. You've actually, for the first time since I started reading the site in 1998, managed to lose some cred with me - which is too bad because I generally recommend you to people (both tech savvy and not).

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