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"...If we had all done 64 bit properly with Itanium like Intel told us to we would not be in this situation so really it is our own fault for following the cheap and simple AMD64 route. We made Intel f**k up..."

The market had built itself around x86 and Itanium would have broken compatibility rather suddenly, leaving a CPU without any software. AMD's x64 extension to x86 was easier for software people to get on board with while they evaluated their life choices on code management. When PowerPC shortly thereafter stopped getting produced and ARM came along a lot of software companies had a bit of a come-to-Jesus moment about how fragile the CPU sector could be and realized that a bit of code-base agility was the way forwards.

Of course this whole time, Intel learned the exact opposite lesson - rather than still paving the way forwards with new clean and well though out ISAs, they reacted like a dog that got tazer'd and really dug-in to the trench of "Hey look! x86 is still compatible with all of your code!!! Don't think about any other ISA!!! EVER!!!" See KnightsCorner/Ferry, etc... They even dabbled in Arm for a bit with the XScale stuff, but never really wanted to impact their server/desktop market with that. Now Marvell has taken that business unit and run with it.

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