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UK drone collision study didn't show airliner window penetration


Remember the wee aircraft too!

Most aircraft in the UK aren't airliners, but much smaller aircraft (96% of UK registered aircraft), with 1 to 4 seats, with a perspex windscreen, normally travelling below 2000 feet and going at 50 to 150 mph. They are very vulnerable to any flying object.


- keep your drone below 400 feet (150 meters) (above which you can't see it clearly, so can't avoid things, and other aircraft generally stay above 500 feet)

- keep it within your line of sight, (if you're using "First Person View", have someone else beside you, watching it who can warn you about avoiding things)

- keep it more than 50 meters from people who aren't in your group and 150 meters from crowds or build up areas (to stay legal).

- don't fly near airports.

- don't invade other's privacy

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