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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

What a great idea...

Requiring handing over credit card details to verify age to every random smut peddling site...

I really can't see how credit card fraud isn't going to hit the headlines before the end of the year.

Although I wouldn't put it past HM Gov to use this as justification to introduce ID cards, we know they're still smarting from their previous attempt failing.

Does HM Gov not have any IT advisors with a clue? We know that at least some of the ministers have experience in smut sites, were they not asked for their input?

I wonder if HM Gov ever look back on their previous IT rulings to see if they have actually had any impact? The blocking of torrent sites is even easier to dodge thanks to Opera and its built in VPN... Curiously opting for a breakout point in Europe or US show all the old favourite sites still accessible... I'm curious why the UK seems to be the only Western country introducing their own great firewall.

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