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Even your approach, being better, is not as good as what is needed: the full front of an airliner on a sled as aerodynamics are important.

Then you could properly test it.. but it would be expensive.

The testing, while bad, seems better than we thought last time, good job reg for obtaining something.

I guess we all knowthat going for the windshield is not the true target, so my educated guess is that this is FUD and they are actually worried about the other critical part. And testing that would be many millions.. and they dont want to do it.

The UK government SHOULD make an agreement with other governments a do a joint study with other governments.. but somehow I feel that they dont believe that much in international cooperation. The components of airliners are basically the same all over the world, and the savings would be huge.

I will keep with the spirit of the article and not say the part of the plane that is most vulnerable... but yes, we all know.

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