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Well, if that's what they are doing, then how about using the web site to, you know, actually PUBLICISE that fact.

Instead of gems like this, on


Most people connect to the Internet through some kind of dialup connection. The common one is PPP, though SLIP is still occasionally used. Setting up your system to speak PPP to a remote server is pretty easy. We've included a few tools to help you in setting it up."

Most people connect to the internet through a dial up connection, do they? I dunno about you, but I retired my 33k Trust Pilot modem in 1999. Does your machine even have a serial port?

Get the fuck outta here!

It may be a good distro - everyone says it is so I've no reason to think otherwise, but their website is *seriously* shit, and it's letting them down. Visitors to the site will be left thinking it's some dusty old abandoned, un-loved distro, and that's a shame.

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