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UK drone collision study didn't show airliner window penetration



You all seem to think that modern aircraft are tough. Think again, they are light and flimsy although they are tougher than in the olden days thanks to modern materials. If a jet engine swallows a large drone there is a good chance that the engine will be damaged and could affect the safety of the plane. Drones, unlike birds, have some VERY hard parts (motors, magnets) in them. If a drone gets stuck in the flaps or other control surfaces it can compromise the pilots control of the plane and due to their shape and the materials used they are more likely to snag than a bird. I don't get this obsession with the windscreen. There are far more vulnerable parts on a plane than that.

As for the drone defenders, if you have a better way to prevent idiots from flying drones near aircraft, do tell. We already have a similar problem with ****heads pointing lasers at planes.

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