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UK drone collision study didn't show airliner window penetration

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Most of the time when a jet hits a bird nothing bad happens other than having to make an emergency landing and rebook passengers. Yet airports take measures to try to minimize the possibility of birdstrike despite the low risk to life and limb. They should do the same for drones, and not let people say "hey it can't penetrate the windshield so there's nothing to worry about!"

Better safe than sorry - and that still frame showing the impact looks pretty bad even if it doesn't manage to break through. People sometimes drop stuff off overpasses at cars traveling below, most of the time it something like a soda that won't break through the windshield. Doesn't prevent drivers from being momentarily scared and maybe doing something dumb. Do you want your pilot to be momentarily scared and do something dumb on final approach 30' above the ground?

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