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I don't know how Windows 10 would be considered end user friendly. It's the most end-user hostile OS I've ever used or even heard of!

The insane update schedule with updates that break drivers written for Windows 10 and other bits of software every six months... updates you aren't allowed to just say NO to (those who know how to do things like disabling services can, but it's not supported by MS by any means) because Microsoft is in charge, not you. You can set your active hours and set your internet connection to metered and defer updates according to Microsoft's rules, but all of that just reinforces the idea that Microsoft is in charge; it makes the rules and you play by them.

If you were the boss, you wouldn't need to explain yourself to MS if you decide to not get updates when you're told to do so, and that's exactly what you're doing when you set active hours or metered connections. If you were the boss, you could just turn updates off, no explanation necessary, and that would be that. Telling the user "I'm the boss, you'll do as I say" as Windows 10 does in that and far too many other ways isn't user-friendly. The user friendliness of Windows 10 is a sham, like someone pretending to be your friend while they undermine you and backstab you behind the scenes every chance they get.

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