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Re: 10 years to migrate 16000 PCs and they're going to go back to Windows ?

+1, but for all their failures, and there seems to be many, Munich was also a trailblazer in getting Linux/FOSS on the government IT maps. I can't recall any really high profile government outfits before they got started.

Yes, they seem to have massively effed up, for whatever reason. Having worked with public sector clients, the reasons a public sector IT project fails, even with well-intentioned vendors and consultants, are legion.

But, when Munich started doing it, others started to think about doing Linux as well. And succeeding. And even for Windows diehards, savvy ones may very well have leveraged this to get cost concessions out of MS.

So, a useful trailblazer, but lucky that people 10 years ago didn't see the future where they've ended up.

As others have stated, many other organizations have succeeded with FOSS since. MS may be overjoyed to quote Munich as a cautionary tale, but the secret's is still out that MS is not the only alternative.

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