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MS.. LibreOffice

I run both. Office is substantially better. One issue I have is that converting LibreOffice docs to Word tries to send me off into a remote server for conversion, and I can't do that with a confidential document. Queue a flurry of cutting and pasting. (no, Office 360 is not on the table, that is a gaping security hole)

So all new docs are Office, still have old stuff in LibreO from back in the day when corporate idiots thought they would save money by not renewing Office licenses, and a tiny number in (gasp) LaTex and (double gasp) LWP. Out of curiosity I keep a daily log though in a truly gigantic LibreO now massing several thousand headings and several hundred pages, it has only crashed a couple of times.

Given my druthers, I'd use Dog's language: SGML. None of this new fangled WYSIWYG JIT like text baloney for the slack jawed drooling omega minus masses, give me the hard core hairy chested metal. But the powers that be won't pay the 4 or 5 digit license fee...

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