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Windows vs linux in munich

I'll note that there is clearly at least one windows sales droid in the AC category on this thread. Nothing new on that front, but he *really really really* needs to find something other than "IT DOESNT WORK" to leverage as a rant.

I'll add a mgration to linux:

IBM: all GDF GSD and management moved to linux. Lotus notes sucks in both windows and linux, although I'll note that the memory constraints aren't as bad in the 64bit linux version. Most technical types got a minimal windows VM for things like ooooh..... Visio. And client windows tools that they had to use. (KVM based since IBM used RH linux, and quite effective too)

I'll concede that there has been *ONE* point made that i can agree with - getting a mail client that integrates well with a *shared* calendaring system (, more than one shared calendaring system, Evolution /Ical works well if you use google calendar) is rather a pain, and the single application that I cannot effectively replace is MS Visio - yes, I've tried just about all of the various linux based replacements, ***except*** for one that has an outright $$$ cost - and now that I'm considering going freelance I might actually cough out the $$$ for that.

The back and forths in this thread alone are pretty clear - bias is a problem for a lot of folks. I'm *still* running fedora on my laptop -- after about 13 years of my 19 in place. I've a windows vm for outlook and visio, and have a common file system between host and guest so I can pop things back and forth between OS'es. Libre office opens 100% of the MS office docs I get (as of LO 4.4 something back on Fedora 17 or 18) -- yes there are excel docs where I have to tweak complex vlookup formula, but they work once you find the appropriate forum note on the Libre/Open office fora out there. I can save the stuff I produce in LO in MS doc formats when needed and the end users on MSO *do not* see any issues with the results -- again the exception is complex vlookups in excel/calc - and again there are workarounds to handle it. Major advantage on the linux LO side is that the PDF print option is free. Apparently my company has to *pay* for the print to PDF on MSO on windows. I don't know why....

What we have in house on the systems side is that there has been a huge push over the last 11 years to move to linux. As such we've seen a reduction of about 35% of deployed "windows only" apps on the server side and a huge move to linux based java apps. DB's are *sigh* still almost all oracle - but we've now got *exa* all over the damn place.

The perennial rant about TCO of linux *MUST BE HIGHER* than windows as applies to *servers* I can honestly, without reservation, and given time with documentary proof, say $$BULL$HIT$$. It is absolutely lower. The issue, where TCO can be argued, has more to do with the fact that you cannot have someone who grew up on MS windows, took MCSE's to get into the business, and has never spent time on linux or worked with it, running the setup of your migration to linux. ONLY if you add in the overall retraining of your MCSEs to RHCE for example do the costs start to level out.

At the *desktop* end of things, outside of web browser, email client, office suite, one might start to find that your operating and licensing costs will take your TCO up. Mostly due to proprietary software licensing costs. The quick and dirty solution to windows only apps is citrix and vdi - admittedly there are proprietary windows desktop apps that don't support VDI *happily* but then I worked with a VDI team that both knew what they were doing and had the balls to tackle the problems. *WHY* an entity as large as the city of Munich does not have this in hand at this time I have no idea. The only sense that can be made of it is that there was leverage against the move at the *lowest* and the *highest* levels both refusal to modify behaviour at the lowest level and brown envelope lubrication at the highest level.

Personally, I'm a "right tool for the job at hand" kinda person. I've yet to find a reason *NOT* to use linux on the desktop for work based applications. SWMBO plays EA things. As such, she gets Win7. Me? I fiddle with it and get things working in wine.

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