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I don't know about "a breath of fresh air", but there's still "bad breath" from ages ago. And I'm referring to the execrable graphics drivers support. My laptop which has both an integrated intel gpu and a dedicated nvidia chip, can't benefit from "nvidia optimus". You either use the laptop with one of the gpu at a time. And here, the integrated graphics card offers a smooth UX, overall, doing normal things, but the dedicated gpu gives more performance (obviously) at the cost of very poor UX, which translates into bad screen tearing in pretty much all types of scenarios. Very disappointing. I wonder HOW the heck they think they can compete with Windows or MacOS. Yes, Apple has a handful of devices to optimize their software for, which is basically piece of cake considering that they have to optimize the software for laptops with very small differences in the hardware department from a year to another. But Windows has pretty much the same task as Linux, which is making the OS work on a large variety of computers with countless hardware differences. Yes, there are a lit if factors to take in consideration here like the direct support from the vendors, but the ordinary user doesn't care about HOW they should get a better experience or the limitations, etc. They just want it to happen somehow.

Anyway, I bet things will be as shitty as they are right in 20 years from now. It's not like they changed drastically in the past few years. It just seems like they don't even give a shit about better graphics card support. There are unofficial solutions out there, which have a very small rate of success. For me, no supposed "fix" made it possible to have a great experience on Linux or any other distro. Nvidia optimus is just not a thing in the Linux world or decent driver support.

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