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Gary Bickford

Free holidays in Seattle???

First prize is a week in Seattle. Second prize is two weeks in Seattle ... in February!

Sorry Seattleites - I’m a refugee from the cold, dark, damp, rainy, cloudy, grey, depressing Northwest winters. There’s a reason why coffee is so popular there. The weather reports should include a “damp chill index” just like the wind chill. 40 degrees in drizzle & mist feels like -10 degrees in sunny dry.

Seattle is famous for that special type of rain called What Rain, a drizzly mist, as in when a miserable visitor asks, “How can you stand out here in this rain?” To which the Seattleite replies, “What rain???”

Seattle has more definitions for types of rain than any other place:

- sunny (rare to unheard of except for two days in August)

- sog (where you think your to sunny but it’s not)

- fog

- fist

- mist

- mizzle

- drizzle

- drain, or “light rain”

- rainy

- rain

- hard rain (rare)

- downpour (very rare)


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