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"Naturally a Democrat politician is exempt from such trickery, no matter how culpable. Witness the disaster caused by the Democrat mayor of New Orleans, who was somehow overlooked in the media's rush to pin the blame for Hurricane Katrina on George W, via an avalanche of insulting lies and fabrications. To this day there are millions who believe Bush actually did 'something' wrong, somewhere.


Oh look, it's the "BBBBut, the Democrats did it ,so it's got to be OK" defence? The Democrats are not in power over Puerto Rico. The Republicans are.

Trump's response to this has been abysmal. it's 100 days after the hurricane and half the island still does not have power . (source: ) . From the start we've had delays to food shipments caused by some obscure maritime law that the administration was apparently unable to remove or alter. We've had the Administration apparently unable to send in adequate numbers of helpers, and apparently unable to send in engineers to sort out the problem, preferring instead to offer the contract for the refit to a tiny company who is going to subcontract it. We've also had the President go to Puerto Rico, use it as a photo opportunity while throwing kitchen rolls at the population. Oh, and he's repeatedly had a go at them on Twitter..

What they should have done immediately is to suspend the laws restricting what vessels can call at the docks, and also bring in engineers to at least establish emergency supplies for electricity. Trump should not have mentioned it on twitter at all.

I feel sorry for the American's though. We English voted for fuckwit, but at least she is just incompetent and not actually vindictive. Trump is vindictive as well.

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