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It's entirely typical of TfL these days. They got rid of most of their engineering ability in favour of employing "project managers". They now have clueless PPE "graduates" running multi million pound infrastructure projects and won't ever blame these clueless cretins when things go wrong....

The senior management at TfL are starting to realise that they've screwed the pooch. Many of them are leaving as quickly as possible for private sector jobs - often taking serious pay cuts in the process - but safe in the knowledge that they're getting out before disaster strikes.

It is only a matter of time before there's a major disaster on the tube network. The Maintenance cutbacks and inept management mean that one of the busiest metros in the world is now so unsafe that many of in the know refuse to use it.

The roads infrastructure is a mess, with traffic control systems that used to be the envy of the world now so ineffectively managed that it can take three hours to travel 10 miles by road (as happened to me last month).

TfL is a disgrace and no longer fit for purpose. This example of truly stupid outsourcing is just one example of their utter ineptitude. Funny thing is - the Management of TfL whine on about reduced grants from Central Government: It's complete nonsense as their money from Central Government has more than kept pace with inflation - every year - and their fare rises massively exceed general inflation.

AC since I don't want to be sued (again!)

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