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> That no one was involved in a crash proves that it was done safely .

No it does not 'prove' that it was done safely at all.

> I know of people who have driven in residential areas legally at speeds over 200km/hr without driving police cars. Remember when we used to have the Mobil 1 (IIRC was a long time ago!) in Wellington? The Hamilton V8 street racing? (and no I am not claiming I was involved in any of these)

That was in very controlled conditions and only by drivers that were rated for those conditions. That is a very different thing than driving fast where other drivers of variable skill may appear. For those races the road was aligned and resurfaced with a special mix that was rated for the speeds of those cars and it was levelled to ensure safety. No other roads in NZ are made to those standards.

> Ah, you must be one of those who have downvoted me

Actually, no, I have never downvoted _anyone_, nor upvoted.

> Are you one of those people who thinks that "nothing bad will happen ...

> One of those people perhaps who believes ...

No. No.

> Oh. Because I know that our speed limit is arbitrary (that's why the government has just voted to raise it in certain areas!)

The speed limit is set based on the state of the road, its surface, its camber, curves, sight lines and many other issues. NO road is New Zealand is safe to be driven on at 180kph, not even by emergency services. You would be hard pressed to find tires that are rated to do 180kph, especially on the road surfaces found in NZ.

Two roads have upped the limit to 110kph because they are new roads specifically engineered for faster speeds than has been the practice in the past.

> What you have failed to notice is that I have not said half of what you imagine.

What you failed to notice is that I haven't imagined anything, I have only responded to exactly what you _said_. It is you that imagines things, such as me down voting, what you think I believe, or you being safe.

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