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It takes 7.46kWh per US gallon to refine light sweet crude oil into petrol. That amount of electricity can move a Chevy Bolt around 21-25 miles. The latent energy in the petrol is around 32kWh/US gallon, good enough for another 96 miles. It's easy to see why petrol and diesel with 25% more latent energy are freakin' awesome as transportation fuels. It's also easy to see that EVs that are more efficient at turning energy into travel distance.

There is a lot of electricity that goes to waste in the middle of the night since it is not advantageous to turn down/off nuclear or coal fired power plants when demand is low. Wind is so hit/miss that large systems will have to be turn off to keep from unbalancing the power grid. Solar can work out better since the highest demand for electricity is during the day. The upshot is that we don't have to build out a whole bunch more generating plants if we can utilize what's already there better. Charging EV's up in the wee hours is one great way to flatten out the demand curve. 99% of the time, people are going to plug their EV in when they get home set to charge when the rates go down. The use of DC fast chargers during the day isn't a big factor except in the case of Tesla that promised free charging for life. While EVs are cheap to "fuel", Tesla had been giving out "fuel" for free and people will take advantage of "free" even if it costs them more (time, etc). Don't use Tesla as a model for EV charging. They're the Betamax of the industry.

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