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OK, back to BASIC basics. Rememeber, ALWAYS think in terms of the Stupid User. HE IS NOT YOU.

"If I take ALL the alcohol out I will have 2 solutions. 1 of 96% abv ethanol and another at 0% abv (the solutions are ethanol and water). If I then distill the remaining alcohol again, will it become stronger??"

No, but that's because you've hit the azeotrope: IOW the exception to the rule. Meaning 96% alcohol boils at the same temperature as 4% water. Distillation only goes so far, which is why we learn of such things. Most things have their limit, but as long as you're not at the azeotrope, distillation WILL produce a stronger solution of ethanol.

"A still increases the AMOUNT of alcohol NOT its strength."

Increasing the amount of alcohol while reducing its volume (the remnant still in the original container), by definition, makes the solution more concentrated: IOW, STRONGER. A solution of 80% ethanol is by definition stronger than an equal solution of 40% alcohol. It's Chemistry 150 for goodness sakes (and I took it and passed with flying colors, thank you). If this ain't research, WHAT IS?!

"10 pints of 4% abv lager contains the SAME amount of alcohol as 1 pint of 40% abv spirit / rum / brandy / whisky."

But the former is more dilute, IOW, weaker. Same alcohol, but in a larger volume.

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