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Sigh.Ok, back to basics.

A bottle of 20% abv whisky contains 80% water and 20% ethanol.

If I take ALL the alcohol out I will have 2 solutions. 1 of 96% abv ethanol and another at 0% abv (the solutions are ethanol and water). If I then distill the remaining alcohol again, will it become stronger??

No it wont. AND THAT THERE is the proof that a still does NOT MAKE ALCOHOL MORE POTENT.

A still increases the AMOUNT of alcohol NOT its strength.

10 pints of 4% abv lager contains the SAME amount of alcohol as 1 pint of 40% abv spirit / rum / brandy / whisky. And If I distill them I will get the same result, I fail to see why you cannot grasp a simple fact.

Sorry but your knowledge of distillation is wrong. More worryingly, you cant seem to grasp a basic scientific fact.

Jesus Christ man, do some fucking research.

I've been doing it now for 20 years. How long have you been distilling?

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