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If your car detects worn brake pads, then the maximum speed you are allowed to go should drop for safety, until you get the pads changed.

A couple of flaws in your logic - and yes, I agree that measures should be taken for many drivers to prevent them driving.


You're more likely to need your brakes in an emergency in town and in traffic than you are on the roads. And you're more likely to need them because someone isn't paying attention/driving to the conditions, eg coming towards a line of stopped traffic at speed or someone going through an intersection where they didn't have the right of way. On the open road you have less such risks (though as your speed is higher if something goes wrong...) So limiting the speed below highway speeds won't necessarily help anyone.

Also, until the actual active surface is down to very close to nothing, brake pads function just as well as with new pads. It's only when the active surface is no longer covering the full width of the pad that they stop.

A lot of people who think they know what they're doing would actually try to disable a speed limiter.

What might work better for some men is a warning that makes diminishing comments about the size of their genetalia or their driving skills or something to shame them into actually doing something about getting their car serviced. Given the intelligence levels of many drivers I'm not sure even that would work.

And sadly stupid people would drive on motorways etc even if their car was limited to walking speed :( Think of what happens when someone stops or drives slowly on a high-speed section of road. (Perhaps while they're driving slow the car could also flash a big sign talking about the driving being too stupid to get their car serviced or having a small dick or something...)

But have an upvote - at least you're thinking of possible ways to help keep the roads safer and your idea may help save some lives.

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