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"So what you're saying is that electric vehicles don't use the roads, and shouldn't have to pay for the road construction, maintenance, operation, road policing, road rescue and ambulance services, for the pollution from electricity generation, for vehicle administration and revenue recovery, and indeed for the singificant sums of excess money that government recover from motorists, but don't spend on roads…"

There is a big advantage to having an electric car right now by not having to pay the taxes levied on fuel that is supposed to go for fixing roads, etc. The number of EV's on the road is such a small percentage of the total number of cars that it isn't a factor right now. Let's just hope that legislators spend some time coming up with a fair and reasonable set of fees to make up for the loss in fuel tax revenue. California already has an extra registration fee for EVs even as they are trying to come up with more rebates to benefit Tesla that will negate the additional revenue and probably exceed it.

As far as pollution goes, you must be forgetting that in addition to tailpipe emissions from ICE vehicles there is also that small matter of 7.46kWh of electricity per US gallon of gasoline to refine the crude oil.

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