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...and how many version of Windows have we seen the installer slide-show telling us how "intuitive" or "more intuitive than ever" using Windows is? Intuition is where you have skills or knowledge and can apply them to a new situation. That didn't work with computers, especially GUIs

I can say from personal experience, having set up a home computer (running MSWin XP at the time) for someone who had never had a home computer before. At most she might have used a green-screen terminal, although I think her working career didn't entail a lot of that either. MSWin absolutely was *not* intuitive for her. Could easily have set her in front of a Mac, Linux box or even a Solaris machine, and it wouldn't have been any more difficult. And she wasn't stupid by any means.

"Intuitive" is where prior experience can be adapted to your current scenario. Without the appropriate relevant experience, *nothing* is intuitive.

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