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Not a solid scrap of evidence to say that no god exists either. Of course there's lots and lots of circumstantial, hear-say and personal non-revelations, not to mention fingers-in-ears 'I can't hear you' arguments that get repeated often enough that they're assumed to be incontrovertible fact.

Which God don't you believe in? There are an awful lot of awful ones, and a lot of awful people who use their awful misconception that 'My friend says we're doing it for God so God must approve' as an excuse to do awful things. Politics-dressed-as-religion and hatred-dressed-as-religion and ambition-dressed-as-religion, etc. just tell us that religion is a powerful social force.

My own opinion is they tell us quite a lot about human nature (<sarcasm>deep down there's good in everyone, yeah, it shows</sarcasm>) and basically nothing about why the one who keeps the electrons spinning would decide to get born in a stigmatised way into a despised minority group with a well-proven history of rejecting him. Oh yeah, it was so that he could spend about 3 years as preaching to people who mostly didn't listen and then get tortured to death, that explains it.

Have a very happy Christmas everyone. Don't get so merry you get stupid.

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