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Re: Alien UFO's are Real - True / False...

The problem with paranormal phenomena is that proponents and skeptics are not playing on a level field.

One side says that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, which proponents have yet to supply. But proponents say they have many cases that haven't yet been dis-proven by skeptics, and that even a single case that withstands disproof is in effect proof of the case. Naturally the cases now run into the thousands.

So skeptics are put in the position of having to dis-prove all claims, which is impossible in the real world, and this is put forward as 'evidence' that there is Something Real Going On.

Thus we are forever doomed to endure half-baked claims about UFO's, bigfeet, ghosts, chemtrails, 20,000 year-old pyramids, faked moon landings, and computer OS'es that don't suck. And once in a very great while, one of those claims will turn out to actually be true! Don't hold your breath tho...

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