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"So-called "ease of use" is a myth that has set back computing at least two generations. TANSTAAFL."

I can't upvote you enough for that comment, eg from the article...

"and did not know how what horizontal scrollbars are for"

...and how many version of Windows have we seen the installer slide-show telling us how "intuitive" or "more intuitive than ever" using Windows is? Intuition is where you have skills or knowledge and can apply them to a new situation. That didn't work with computers, especially GUIs, it was just too different for most people. Still applies today in many cases, I find few people actually know how to use a GUI properly. The worst are people who have never been shown even how to log in without using the mouse to get from the user name box to the password box. And these include people in the early 20's who probably used computers every day of their lives at school.

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