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"Given that this is a 'laws of physics' problem, it's guaranteed that Pixel, Samsung etc will have the same problem. They might manage it in a "

I dont think this is a "law of physics problems that other manufacturers also will encounter".

Every other phone manufacturer uses the same sort of batteries in their phones.

But its only apple who now seems to have such serious problems with 'standard' battery degradation over time , that they have to choose for the 'drastic' solution of reducing frequency.

I think this more points to or a 'ios' operating system issue, that they dont seem to be able to counter, or is this would be more worrying, a archtiectural design issue with their apple phone processors.

I was already wondered, that apple who is relatively new in the phone processor business could have been so successfull in designing processors, that beats out established phone processors players like qualcomm or arm.

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