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"This is bunch of lies. Can Apple explain -

1. Why other smart phones Google Pixel, Samsung etc. do not have this issue?

2. Why after replacing battery with new one, still have the same issues like -

- have to wait 5-10 seconds before camera becomes live,

- applications die randomly,

- phone reboots all of sudden

time to dump iphone and look for another smart phone...."

Given that this is a 'laws of physics' problem, it's guaranteed that Pixel, Samsung etc will have the same problem. They might manage it in a different way (e.g. reducing global performance rather than peak throttling), or they might just allow devices to spontaneously reboot, or they might (my favorite) just not bother updating the devices at all after a certain period.

My hope is that however they do it, their communication is better than Apple's. Because that's the real problem here.

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