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"If you pay about three times as much for a phone than is necessary, largely because it's a status symbol, knowing perfectly well that without the slightest technical or engineering justification its battery cannot be simply swapped by you; not to mention that it will also lack the simple expandability and versatility of a uSD slot, again with no good reason; and for which the $23 actual difference between various models' storage levels is charged to you in a $200 increment ... well, you get what you deserve, don't you?"

Oh pish, dearest Milton. Any purchase of a luxury product is a combination of the commoditised cost, the perceived value-add layer, and the emotional desire component. Apple charges for perceived value-add and emotional desire, and gets away with it because people generally actually like the value for money (including emotional) that they get for it. It's not wrong, and it's not stupid just because you don't agree with it. I personally like a commodity kitchen (simple, no frills, gets the job done) and a luxury phone. Others may prefer this the other way round; it's every customers' individual choices and preferences at work.

And the $23 price you point at? Double pish. Integrated memory fast enough to not bottleneck the processor AND designed to last the life of the product being intensively read/written to every single day is not cheap. Certainly not $23 cheap.

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