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Delusions of grandeur

Trump may or may not be treating well. I think he is an embarassementand damaging not just to the US but to the whole of western democracies in general. The story is however complete nonsense.

1. rate of repair

It would be extraordinary if the rate of repair did not slow down. The last cells to be repaired are going to be those which are difficult to repair for logistical or technical reasons. The curve will flatten out and the last cell to be repaired will be later than predicted.

2. Reporting interval

Reporting daily is crazy and smacks of micromanagement for a project expected to last months. The idea that reporting daily versus every two days makes a 30% productivity difference can only come from someone who has never worked in a real job. A lot of time will simply be sent collecting, checking, presenting and reviewing figures daily. If this was real then reporting twice daily would give even higher productivity, perhaps they should report the numbers hourly or perhaps every 30 minutes? If they reported evey minute perhaps they could get the whole project done in a couple of days?

3. The repair project was probably always planned to be performed in different phases. The first phase fixing all the easily accessible and high priority locations. The second phase to fix the rest. The change in teh rate of repair simply reflects this change.

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