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"Naturally a Democrat politician is exempt from such trickery, no matter how culpable."

Repeat after me: Just because someone critiscises the Republicans, it doesn't mean they don't critisice democrats

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

You and Bob are typical of the current right wing "snowflakes" (to use your stupid term where it most applies)

You seem to worship your side. They can do no wrong. You see any criticism of policy as a biased partisan attack.

And even if someone is directly critical of Trump or the party, you always assume it's a one sided attack from the left, and therefore your best response is a criticism of the democrats.

This behaviour - like the most obsessed sports fan is with his sports team - is quite fascinating, and almost unique to the right wing. Is it because of low intelligence or the constant bullshit from Fox?

As hard as it obviously seems, you must realise most outside your team don't think like that.

They will criticise bullshit wherever they see it, and most don't align strictly to a "team".

If I critiscise Theresa May, I expect either agreement or disagreement. If anyone replied "Yeah, but Corbin did xxx" my thoughts would be "when did I ever mention Corbyn? This person is simple"

I'm not a labour supporter either, although they are better than this current government, so if someone countered an opinion on May with an attack on Corbyn, they are probably not all that bright.

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