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Not a welcome opinion

I know this is not something many people want to hear, but ...

If you pay about three times as much for a phone than is necessary, largely because it's a status symbol, knowing perfectly well that without the slightest technical or engineering justification its battery cannot be simply swapped by you; not to mention that it will also lack the simple expandability and versatility of a uSD slot, again with no good reason; and for which the $23 actual difference between various models' storage levels is charged to you in a $200 increment ... well, you get what you deserve, don't you?

There's an almost infinite range of phones out there costing far less, offering greater versatility, reliability and expandability, with batteries you can swap in 10 seconds flat, with operating systems *not* designed to steal from you, with a value-for-money proposition that makes the iPhone look like a lump of pointless jewellery—

—but you'll continue to buy massively overpriced Apple shinies so that, even when the battery has yet again died, you can leave it displayed face down on the desk so that everyone knows *you* paid out of your arse for it.

In sum: Apple get away with this kind of reprehensible, dishonest, avarcious behaviour because people slavishly buy into their marketing propaganda and simply *have* to be in the herd.

You get mugged because you keep asking for it.

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