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Doctor Syntax,

Your comment implies that the changes are being made at the behest of the IT Dept.

More often the changes are because of the change in the 'Companys' way of working and the need to change some 'old' systems to be compatible with a newer process or external requirements etc.

Typically the IT 'bod' who is doing the work is blamed for the change, when the persons own boss is the more accurate target.

These changes are agreed at a higher level that the IT Dept and all the angst is usually due to the lack of proper comunication with the people at the sharp end and/or training to match the new systems being installed.

The mindset is that as you can use the 'old' system you will be able to use the 'new' one, therefore no training will be needed.

This also means that the expectation of any impact on the running of the dept is zero and yet again at this point 'IT' gets the official 'bending of the ear' when there are problems.

Not only are Computers 'Magic' but skills to use them are absorbed directly through the fingers by magic as well !!! :) :) :)

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