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I would imagine that putting 400kV though the printer might also result in a non-printing situation.

Had a situation recently where someone who will remain nameless (because they outrank me by many levels) couldn't print a vital document. I arrived at the printer a Brother colour inkjet and looked at the error message. The printer was out of Magenta ink and I explained this patiently. "I don't want to print in colour just black and white". After doing some research it turns out that they really don't like printing without all the cartridges having ink. I went on line and found a solution involving putting some electrical tape over the viewing window on the cartridge. Having performed said solution and the printer now working again I said that we'd order new cartridges.

Later I enquired as to why this person had their own Inkjet printer. The rest of the building was laser and communal printers so it seemed odd. Turned out this person liked inkjet printers more than lasers and had used some of their personal budget to buy one. That was the reason that a new rule had been announced that only IT was allowed to procure IT equipment.

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