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Anyway. Focus stealing becomes even worse on Windows when some idiot writes an app that pops up a requester and the WORST POSSIBLE ACTION is the default choice. So you're tapping away in Outlook, and something pops up and says "Do you wish to format your hard drive and all connected network drives? [YES] [no]" just as you hit the spacebar which naturally chooses default settings.

Urgh, yeah. Ran into that the other day. Was directory diving on a file server, went to hit ENTER to er... enter a directory. My finger caught the DELETE key on the way. Cue the creation, and immediate dismissal (as my finger finished it's journey to the ENTER key) of the "Are you sure you want to pernamently delete this" confirmation. Of course the default is "Yes", isn't it...

Turns out that said file server only has backups for a small part of the filesystem on it, and the vanished directory was not included.


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