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"the new system is broken and what was wrong with the old way"

And do you have a good answer for that? Fixing what wasn't broken is all too often the tech industry's substitute for productivity.

@Doctor Syntax - sadly all too true, especially when the new way is only done 'cos some consultant moron persuaded people it was better (and took a cut of the sale afterwards), or it features one of the trendy buzzwords (cloud-based or IoT or somesuch shit).

We just suffered a transition here from local server-based email to cloud-based, and it's driving me nuts (as a dumb user fortunately rather than having to support the management-generated mess). Forever getting messages of things being out of sync or additional messages being available on the server (ie ones I've moved and the sync hasn't caught on or caught up) or the whole of Outlook just locking up as it tries to have a deep pow-wow with some server somewhere on the wrong end of a piece of wet knicker elastic in the arse-end of some backwater somewhere.

And from having talked to my helldesk colleagues who have to support it even though they fully agree it's crap and somehow it's "their fault" even though they got no say in it, somehow I doubt it'll improve any time soon. The age old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is still all too true - make sure your updates actually make things better for everyone, especially those who have to live with it on a daily basis.

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