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At Rich 11, RE: the cd tray.

I was working as the PFY at a company that shall remain nameless to cover my ass. One day we got a call from our PHB saying his computer had stopped working & he needed a new one. Cue the troubleshooting steps, no fix, & a personal visit from me.

I get there to discover his desk is now suspiciously clear of everything but the monitor on its stand - no papers, no ledgers, no pens nor pencils, no keyboard nor mouse, *nothing* - and ask where he keeps the KB&M so I can work on his computer. Turns out he had been using the "coffee cup holder", the tray had closed, & spilled his coffee all over his desk, the KB&M, down the back of the desk & wall, & all over his computer's tower.

I got him a new computer, used a "tower caddy" on wheels to keep it up off his floor, and shared the story with my BOFH Master.

He doubted my story right up until the point where we opened the old tower & smelled the PHB's infamous favorite sugary cinnomon frappy crappy drink.

My BOFH Master treated me to a pint as a gesture of appollogy & to welcome me to the next rung on the ladder to my eventual BOFH-ness.

*Happy sigh*

Ahhh the memories!

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