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how the USO will work

The same as the voice one

People under USO will have Market1 exchanges, so only be able to get BT

BT will hike its standard price by £10/£20 a month to cover the costs involved

BT will provide lower priced services in Market2+ areas via its PlusNet and EE brands

this is why BT is ripoff priced....

What needs to happen is BTWholsale and Openreach need to be split off as National Communication Networks, Probably throw in EEs mobile network too, and try to get o2, Vodaphone, and three to throw in theirs. (probably re-nationalised as asset cost is expensive)

All operators are then Virtual, the network is owned by the state, and can make longer term investment decisions.

This will put communications on a similar footing to Gas (Transco) and Electric (National Grid) and get round any rules on "Illegal State Aid"

On The HS2 thing i found out today where all the money is going, they have 51 employees earning over £100kpa (av £240kpa) which is £1 billion a year, 2012 to 2032(phase 2 in service date) = 20 billion in exec pay

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