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Even us salesgits have to deal with this kind of stuff... [Scooby-Doo fade out] Mobe operator, managing a large Merchant Bank, phone rings..

Unreasonably angry Finance Director on the phone. Suffering from what Mobe Ops call 'Bill Shock'. The shock of one of his user's bills has made him extremely cross because it contains four figures and begins with the number 5. Calmed him down slightly, and turns out the user in question is the Marketing Director, thus a super-user, and consequently his roaming abroad isn't limited.

After discussing how it was possible he could incur £5ks worth of roaming, we conference in the director's PA to check where he was during the course of the month - Ireland, Canada, US, and Caribbean. Ever the helpful account manager, I decide to do an impromptu run-through for them both on how to run a report on the billing portal, where to find the user, drill down to data usage, and then to site details.

"...and you see the numbers? They're IP addresses, which is the unique identifier for a website. So copy that number, let's take that one at the top as that's showing heavy usage. Right? So paste that into the address bar and hit enter".

At about the moment the words 'hit enter' passed successfully from my brain to my vocal chords, my brain generated another rather excellent thought, albeit a minute or two later than would have been ideal. That thought was 'you should have really checked that IP before getting the FD and Marketing Director's PA to put it in a browser'. The feminine gasp and muttered 'jesus christ' down the line told me that the bank wasn't running a content filter.

We kinda laughed about it much, much later - after the offender had been dismissed for downloading pr0n onto his company 3G iPad, whilst abroad. Not sure his PA ever recovered from the shock though.

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