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In the early days of iPads coming out, the CEO of my firm decided he wanted one and that this would be how we would do all his work. Until he tried to print (which they didn't do in those days). "I want it to print" says the boss. "It won't..." say I, trying to explain the system did not do this. "Well I want it to print and you're not doing a very good job...". I said nothing. What could you say? I'm sure there was probably an arcane workaround but, let's just say this is the guy who insisted in telling people that part of his email address was in capitals. You know the sort. There is no way he would have coped with anything other than a big red button to press.

He then admitted that he could benefit from some iPad training too, so over the next few days at considerable expense found an expert in iOS from Northern Ireland in the support company we were working with and flew him in. On the day, I get an incensed boss phoning me saying: "I don't need training, I just want it to print"... and they turned the expert away.... He then went on to reference this whole episode in my review, saying I was not providing good enough support and denied me a pay-rise (which I would otherwise had got) as a result.

I got the last laugh though as the CEO went on a power trip and started spending money... inappropriately..... I whistleblew, he made me redundant, and as a result of my whistleblowing then he and the FD got sacked for £300K's worth of improper spending, two directors stood down and after my lawyers had finished with them, I got compensation for unfair dismissal. Ah, Happy days.

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