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Many moons ago (mid 90s) I worked for a company that provided data conversion services, for getting things like bulk extracts of customer data (postal addresses etc) out of existing platforms, and imported into new ones. (Such as when moving from one customer management system to another).

One of my old managers had a standard letter, that was sent to new clients, providing details of this customer data migration services. With various options of how to get the data to us, both format and medium.

This included things like kermit, zmodem and FTP over dial-up, plus floppy disks, CDs, or hard-drives via courier etc.

Against each data transfer option, he listed max speed, and latency.

So for example, modems would be something like 56 kbit/s and 150ms.

He listed floppy disks, CDs and HDs down as effectively limitless bandwidth, but a latency of several days! :-)

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